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Welcome to storytime  for the 21st century. Here, we combine the digital age’s creativity with knowledge from the past. Let’s go on an adventure together. All of our stories come from and have been tested by students. Your student or child will learn to love reading, and the built-in games will keep them coming back to play again and again. The student or child learns using a tried-and-true method of 1, 2, 3.   First, they’ll listen, watch, and follow along with the story. Next, they will learn through audio and repetition as they play with the interactive characters and act out different roles. Then , they are reminded of what they have learned through gamification as an assessment. Finally, the teacher or parent will be able to download the mp4 and pdf files, so the child can keep learning. This course is best for students that have the ability to read and follow directions. It works best if they have completed levels 2 and 3 of our curriculum. Each story will take 60 minutes to complete as moving slowly ensures the child has plenty of time to absorb all of the new vocabulary and do the hands-on activities throughout the story. Each story has been tested and continues to change and expand as we are still building weekly. At the moment we have over 80 leveled readers. The beauty is if the student finds the story easy you can level it up or if it is too hard you can level it down.

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