Our curriculum was developed by an educator with over 25 years of in-class and online experience. It was professionally designed to follow a clear scope and sequence. With so many years of experience to understand exactly what an online learner needs. As of now, most students are digital learners and need to be stimulated through music, gifs, videos, and sounds along with the teacher. We follow multiple intelligent approaches and make sure to use Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy with different styles of learning to match a wider audience of learners as it’s not a one size fits all method.  

 Yes!  Subscriptions come with a non-transferable solo commercial license which enables you to use the subscriptions in your for-profit online ESL curriculum resources from Young Learners to teach live classes through your own online teaching business.

Yes, but remember that you are not the creator and should not sell it as your own. You may use our logo and information from the lessons to create materials like digital posters and marketing materials on places like Canva.

Which platforms are best suited for this curriculum?

You can screen share in Zoom, Classin, Voov, Skype, and Google Hangouts, but for the best end-user experience, we highly recommend that you use Superkid, KoalaGo, or RemoteHq for a shared browsing experience. I personally recommend all my students use a laptop and I use Zoom for all of the cool features, avatars, and virtual backgrounds.

Young Learners Curriculum is best suited for Pre-A1, A1, and B1 on the CEFR or Preschool to Grade 4 according to US standards.

The Young Learners Interactive Stories are suited for CEFR A1 to B1 or Kindergarten to Grade 4 US Common Core standards.